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Individual Insight: One month

One month Coaching package- 4 one hour sessions

With 4 weekly sessions, this is perfect if you have something specific you'd like to work on. Feathers, a quilt design... totally tailored to your skill level.


Individual Insight - 3 month

3 month coaching package - 12 one hour sessions

Have a special project that you'd like some help with? Or maybe you just got your longarm and don't know where to start. Individual Insight is right for you. Tailored to your own individual skill level. With one session a week, you'll be on the path to creative greatness.


Individual Insight: 6 month

6 months Coaching package- 24 one hour sessions

This is ideal for a beginner quilter that may have just gotten their longarm or midarm and have no idea where to start. Or maybe you have a special project that is going to require some time to finish it, then this is the coaching plan for you. Everything is tailored to your skill level and you have unlimited amount of session in this package.